Playground Memberships

Why Memberships?

Bouncers is a Non Profit 501 (C) 3 that is focused on educating Gainesville families about Health, Lifestyle and Exercise for children. We will do that via events, content and educational seminars.

In order to raise money for this, Bouncers will allow unlimited access to it's playground areas on weekends and holiday breaks, in exchange for recurring monthly donations to support our cause. We will not operate under the normal pay for play transactions like other kid focused businesses because we are focused on building a community space for families to come together, play together and have fun and learn together!

The membership model was based on parent feedback and the following goals:

  1. Not to have to hassle with paying every time they brought the kids to get out of the house and play.

  2. We have set pricing to be comparable to 1 visit to other local indoor options.

  3. We want to build a community that helps us grow and we didn't believe that transactional customers would help us achieve our mission statement. (it would hurt the members by overcrowding and limit the community we are trying to build)

  4. We want to continue building out the facility/property. Memberships help us plan a budget like a church. The following projects are planned right now with more to come:

    1. Nature walk with 18 education interactions down by Hogtown Creek on the edge of the property​

    2. Ropes Course

    3. Obstacle Course

    4. Larger Outdoor Playground

    5. Covered Event Pavillion

    6. Outdoor Tampoline area


** The next 50 families to sign up will receive a lifetime monthly fee of only $40 for their membership, so act now to lock in your lower monthly price!

So for a recurring donation of (see above for intro pricing) $65 and higher, a family of 4 (2 parents, 2 children, $5 per month for each additional child on the membership plan) will have unlimited access to Bouncers, discounts for camps and events and free access to pre-determined content and educational seminars from our Donors, Supporters and Business Partners.




1. What is the cancellation policy?

Members can cancel their membership at anytime prior to the next monthly recurring charge. Prices will continue to rise as more areas are added so when you rejoin it will be at a higher monthly fee. To cancel your membership you can send a cancellation request to the email at the bottom of this page.

2. What does the membership include?

  • The base membership price includes up to 2 children. Additional siblings can be added for an additional $5 per month.

  • You can add Guardians (Grand Parents, Nannies, etc.) for free, they just need to be added to your signed waiver and be direct family members.

  • Additional 1 time guests/friends that are children can be brought for $10 per child (that way if you are bringing friends that are not members they can be included)

Your membership includes

  • Unlimited access to playgrounds on weekends and holidays listed on contact us page, discounted Camp Bouncers rates for extended breaks (Spring, Winter, Summer)

  • Discounted Birthday Party and Event rates

  • Educational Events and Classes (Focusing on Diet, Fitness, Health and Lifestyle from community experts and businesses)

  • Free Access to planned Group Play during the week 

  • Member Discounts on Paid Community Events, Classes and Workshops during the week

3. When will additional Play Areas be added?

We will begin the planning process and construction of additional areas when we reach 400 memberships. We are currently having a Tree Fort/Ropes course designed. It is by the same contractor that constructed this one, take a look...

4. Are socks required?

Yes, we have a shoe cubby and you must wear socks to play on the playground. Currently you must bring your own, we are waiting on our vendor delivery before we can sell socks at the front counter.

5. I have a nanny/grandparent who cares for my children. Can they take my children to Bouncers without me?

Yes, you will just need to add them onto your waiver and re-sign the waiver. You can do this by clicking on the orange waiver button at the top of the page and login to your account to update.

6. Is the membership tax deductible?

Yes, membership dues are a donation to our non profit so the dues are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Our tax ID is 81-2225509.

Additional questions can be answered by Angela at

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